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Syn Music

Passion - Brighter than the Sun

May 2018

• Vocal & Choir Arranger / Session Vocalist

• Arrangement Transcriber
• Production Manager
• Studio Manager

This project is for the FIFA World Cup 2018. “Passion” by Nick Wood has been used for 18 years as the support song for the Japanese team. “Passion - Brighter than the Sun” is the brand new version of the same song featuring the British Brass Band and Music Choir at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music.

Kansai Paint x Manchester United - 100th Anniversary 

May 2018

• Vocal Arranger / Lyricist

• Male Lead Vocalist
• Production Manager
• Studio Engineer

Kansai Paint is celebrating its 100th anniversary with this campaign video featuring Manchester United. The music is completely original with world music elements as the client requested. I wrote the words to fit into the melody, and also sung the male lead vocal part. This video now has more than 3.8 million views on YouTube.

Tide Pods x Rocket Girls 101

Sep 2018

• Melody Composer

• Vocal Arranger

• Associate Producer

Exciting collaboration with Tide Pods and Rocket Girls 101 on this leading campaign! The direction was to make the song as catchy, memorable, and contemporary as possible. I believe with the melody I composed, everyone can sing along even just after one listen. 

HLN - Frozen Moments Campaign Video

Jan 2018

• Production Manager

• Studio Coordinator

• Project Archivist

Music production for the world famous CNN. Syn got to work with the client directly on this campaign video. After discussions, the team came up with using a public domain song “Scarborough Fair” and rearrange it for this specific project. The video gained a lot of fame and success.

Wella - Hair Color Treatment 

Jun 2018

• Vocal Arranger / Background Vocalist

• Production Manager
• Studio Engineer

Wella’s brand new campaign featuring the soulful vocals. I engineered/recorded the lead vocal session, and came up with the background vocal arrangement and sang them by myself. Studio coordination, artist coordination, and project management were all part of my responsibility.


Music Production and Engineering Projects 2018

Berklee College of Music 

May 2018

• Music Producer
• Strings / Band Arranger

• Musicians / Artists Coordinator

My music production got selected to be on the MP&E 2018 CD amongst many competitive productions as the Final Song of the album.
"Subira" by Njoki Karu

“Release Me” by Miette Hope

Dec 2018

• Music Producer

• Vocal Editor

• Musicians Coordinator

Miette Hope is an extremely talented singer-songwriter, and I had the honor to produce her newest single that was released on Spotify on June 22, 2018. Only after a little over a month, it currently has 80,000+ listens on Spotify and more than 1.5 million listens on Soundcloud.

“Sarah” - Award winning short film by Shanny Chen

May 2018

• Music Composer
• Mixing & Mastering Engineer

• Sound Design Editor

Composed an orchestral piece for this award winning short film, “Sarah”. Mixed and mastered all music, sound designs, VO, and foley together. Edited sound designs to picture to create more impact.

“Traveling by Wind” - Award winning composition by Takumi Kakimoto

Feb 2018

• Recording Engineer

• Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Recorded at a top quality music recording studio using a 61-channel console with high class microphones. Mixed and mastered this live performance of piano and soprano saxophone. This composition was selected to be the 1st place as the 2018 Yamaha Music Scholar by Yamaha Music Foundation.

“Regrets” - Original Orchestral Composition

Jun 2017

• Music Producer

• Music Composer

• Orchestrator
• Mixing Engineer

Composed and orchestrated a full orchestral piece for a 21-piece orchestra. Produced the orchestral session and mixed the recordings afterward.

“Molasses” A Cappella Arrangement

CWP Student Concert at Berklee Performance Center

Jul 2017

• Vocal Arranger

• Tenor Singer
• Choir Director

Wrote a fully A Cappella (no-instrument) arrangement of “Molasses” by Hiatus Kaiyote. The beautiful harmonies, complex rhythm, and the wonderful blend caught professors’ attentions, and was selected to perform at the CWP student concert at Berklee Performance Center, which is a 1200- seat theatre.

Advertising Music/Scoring to Picture

Commercial Demo Reel​

This is a reel I compiled together with all of the compositions that I have done for commercials and advertisements.

Audi A5 Commercial

This is an advertisement score I composed for. All sounds are created and sequenced by MIDI using Massive, Kontakt, and Battery in Pro Tools 12.


Voice Over - Edward Sweeney

Chloé Eau De Parfum​

Created this jingle by rearranging the famous "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars.


Voice Over - Edward Sweeney

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